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chilli con carne pie

This tasty chilli con carne pie makes great family food, and what’s more, it can be served all year round. It could also become a family favourite!

hearty beef vegetable pie

A hearty beef vegetable pie is delicious any time of the year but more so in the cooler months. This beef pie, with its fresh vegetables, will easily feed a family of four with a bit left over for those who like seconds. It’s a dish which is very affordable and will be loved by all!

chicken chorizo salsa pie

How hot do you like it? This chicken chorizo salsa pie can be as mild or as spicy as you like. Try it tonight and make your life a little ‘hotter’. It’s also great for left overs on the weekend too.

chicken pumpkin miso pie

Pretty unusual but very delicious. This chicken pumpkin miso pie looks great and the miso, a soy bean paste, adds a subtle flavour as well as thickening the sauce in an easy way. Perfect for cooler evenings.

ham chicken pizza pies

Like pies? Like pizzas? Then our ham chicken pizza pies are the best of both worlds, and they’re super easy to make too! Try them this weekend. ALL the ingredients…

beef stout bacon pot pies

These cute and individual beef stout bacon pot pies make the perfect meal for one or many. Serve with mash and veggies. Well worth the effort and the family will…

open chicken mushroom sweet chilli pies

These open chicken mushroom sweet chilli pies are sure to become your next family favourite. Great all year round, but even better on a cooler evening, comfort food doesn’t come…

chilli con carne nacho pie

We all love nachos, so check out our chilli con carne nacho pie! Make sure you use our premium beef mince which is an essential ingredient in this pie. It’ll look…

mince cheese tomato pie

This mince cheese tomato pie is sure to please the family any night of the week. Sometimes less is more when it comes to taste, and Ritchies premium beef mince…

Cornish pasty pie

Who doesn’t like a pie? So what do you get when a Cornish pasty and a pie come together, a Cornish pasty pie! Perfect for the cooler nights or even…

beef caramelised onion and filo pie

This beef caramelised onion and filo pie represents great value for money and feeds 4 to 6 hungry people. Simple ingredients bring great flavours. Just add your favourite veggies or salad,…