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pork apple sage sausage rolls

These bite-sized pork apple sage sausage rolls are perfect for entertaining. Easy to make, healthier than the store bought versions and absolutely delicious! You will up your sausage roll game with this recipe!

gluten free shortcrust pastry

This gluten free short crust pastry recipe is for all the people who requested a Love Food gluten free pastry recipe! This gluten free shortcrust is easy and tastes good. All the ingredients should be available at your local Ritchies IGA in the Healthy Living section. Don’t be tempted to skip the chilling time.

classic bread and butter pudding

The very word ‘pudding’ sounds cosy. This classic bread and butter pudding is a very economical dessert that turns slightly stale bread into something heavenly.

chicken cheese chive sausage rolls

Bet you can’t eat just one! Australians LOVE sausage rolls, and these chicken cheese chive sausage rolls are so quick and tasty they’ll be gone as fast as you can make them.

quick rough puff pastry

Quick rough puff pastry, it’s affordable and easy to make good pastry at home. Try making this quick pastry when you have a little time, it’s so flaky crisp and tender you’ll be totally converted. When you make it, make a double batch to freeze for later and for the days when you don’t have so much time.

blood plum clafoutis

Clafoutis is a classic French style dessert, that is perfect with any stone fruit. The combination of the sweet rich batter with the tart tangy fruit in is just delicious and our blood plum clafoutis is a perfect way to celebrate quality Australian stone fruit in season. This version is gluten free.

no-cook strawberry cheesecake

This easy peasy no-cook strawberry cheesecake takes only a few minutes to make and is absolutely delicious. A perfect treat after a spring BBQ. ALL the ingredients for this recipe are…

apple crumble slice

This apple crumble slice is perfect for a family dessert then, if there’s any left over, a sweet treat in a lunch box the next day.  Slices are a great…


Break from the traditional ANZAC biscuits with a delicious ANZAC Slice! It may be just a slice that you enjoy with a cuppa, but the ANZAC biscuit represents much more.

pavlova roll with passionfruit kiwi and banana

This pavlova roll with passionfruit kiwi and banana is an easy dessert which can utilise seasonal fruit. It makes a great dessert centrepiece on the family table, or even a…

sugar puffs with berries and mascarpone

Sugar puffs with berries and mascarpone, the easiest dessert you can make. These Sugar puffs make the most of the last luscious summer berries. sugar puffs with berries and mascarpone…