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classic bread and butter pudding

The very word ‘pudding’ sounds cosy. This classic bread and butter pudding is a very economical dessert that turns slightly stale bread into something heavenly.

blood plum clafoutis

Clafoutis is a classic French style dessert, that is perfect with any stone fruit. The combination of the sweet rich batter with the tart tangy fruit in is just delicious and our blood plum clafoutis is a perfect way to celebrate quality Australian stone fruit in season. This version is gluten free.

cherry berry nests

Run out of time to make dessert? These cherry berry nests are the best cheats pudding and they’re very fast to make. If you have to, you can even pretend you make the meringues yourself.

coconut liqueur snowballs

Coconut liqueur snowballs… is this heaven? Possibly. Creamy white chocolate, a little crunch from the desiccated coconut and just a hint of coconut rum.

no-cook strawberry cheesecake

This easy peasy no-cook strawberry cheesecake takes only a few minutes to make and is absolutely delicious. A perfect treat after a spring BBQ. ALL the ingredients for this recipe are…

apple orange coconut crumble

Sweet, tart and nutty, this apple orange coconut crumble is totally delicious and so easy to make. Just add a dollop of cream and all will be good in the…

dark chocolate and salted caramel mousse

Impress your family with this dark chocolate and salted caramel mousse. By definition, dessert is the sweet course eaten at the end of a meal, but this mousse should be…

apple crumble slice

This apple crumble slice is perfect for a family dessert then, if there’s any left over, a sweet treat in a lunch box the next day.  Slices are a great…