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gluten free shortcrust pastry

This gluten free short crust pastry recipe is for all the people who requested a Love Food gluten free pastry recipe! This gluten free shortcrust is easy and tastes good. All the ingredients should be available at your local Ritchies IGA in the Healthy Living section. Don’t be tempted to skip the chilling time.

Hawaiian style beef short ribs

Aloha! If melt in the mouth beef ribs with a sticky tangy sauce tickles your tastebuds, then our Hawaiian style beef short ribs recipe is just for you!

beef red wine root vegetable stew

This old fashioned beef red wine root vegetable stew has loads of flavour and plenty of vegetables. Perfect comfort food now that the weather is cooler.

pepita herb crusted pork loin

If you like crunch and taste, plus prefer gluten free – then you’ll love these easy and delicious pepita herb crusted pork loin medallions. With tasty Australian Pork they’ll make a juicy and crunchy dinner treat that’s a bit more interesting than the usual gluten free.

chicken almond preserved lemon tagine

Welcome to the Kasbah. The smell of this chicken almond preserved lemon tagine cooking is like a tantalizing waft of spices from an old bazaar. Best of all, it’s as easy to make as an everyday casserole.

slow roast miso mushrooms

These slow roast miso mushrooms are the perfect dish for a meat free meal! Rich flavours and textures, masses of vitamins and minerals from the mushrooms plus wonderful vegetable proteins and probiotics in miso paste, used for centuries in Japan to aid digestion.

grain free baked muesli

Know that old saying ‘always start your day with a good breakfast’… This yummy grain free baked muesli is full of all the good stuff that’s great to include in your diet. Plus it’s VERY easy to make, so you’ll know exactly what your eating.

smoky paprika chicken skewers

Tasty, fast and affordable. These smoky paprika chicken skewers are perfect to serve as nibbles for your next BBQ or as a easy family meal. Bring a little Spanish tapas into your life, Ole!

blood plum clafoutis

Clafoutis is a classic French style dessert, that is perfect with any stone fruit. The combination of the sweet rich batter with the tart tangy fruit in is just delicious and our blood plum clafoutis is a perfect way to celebrate quality Australian stone fruit in season. This version is gluten free.

cherry berry nests

Run out of time to make dessert? These cherry berry nests are the best cheats pudding and they’re very fast to make. If you have to, you can even pretend you make the meringues yourself.

Cajun chicken Caesar salad

Looking for a low carb, high protein salad with massive flavour? Try this tender Cajun chicken Caesar salad with spiced chicken breast, crisp cos lettuce, shards of bacon and zingy sauce.