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southern fried chicken burgers

There’s fried chicken and then there’s REAL fried chicken and these southern fried chicken burgers will not disappoint! Wickedly delicious, cheap and easy to make, and in just one bite, you’ll be addicted too.

buttermilk herb roast chicken

Everyone loves roast chicken and this buttermilk herb roast chicken will become your new favourite! When you marinate a chicken in buttermilk, you get all that wonderful roast chicken flavour with the plumpest most tender meat. Butterflied chicken has a shorter cooking time too so why not try it and see what you think…..

Korean beef and pickled vegetable lettuce wraps

Looking for a lighting fast weekday meal? This Korean beef and pickled vegetable lettuce wraps dish is full of flavor and colour. It makes a small amount of fabulous Australian beef go a long way. Marinate the beef and veggies the night before, for dinner in a flash during the week.

chicken breast with teriyaki ginger sauce

This Japanese inspired chicken breast with teriyaki ginger sauce and stir-fried vegetables is made from simple fresh ingredients. It makes a great family meal any night of the week and everyone will love the crisp stir-fried vegetables and the homemade teriyaki sauce.

chicken haloumi lemon meatballs

Looking for a really affordable family meal that everyone will enjoy? Look no further, our chicken haloumi lemon meatballs are simple to make, tastes great, and gentle on your hip pocket!

chicken pumpkin miso pie

Pretty unusual but very delicious. This chicken pumpkin miso pie looks great and the miso, a soy bean paste, adds a subtle flavour as well as thickening the sauce in an easy way. Perfect for cooler evenings.

Thai green chicken bean curry

Short on time and looking for a Thai curry that’s easy to make at home? Then try our delicious and lean Thai green chicken curry with green beans, it’s the…

lemon rosemary pork cutlets with sweet potato wedges

When produce is good, all you need is simple flavours and cooking to make it even more delicious. So here you go Australian Pork with lemon and rosemary with crunchy polenta and sweet potato wedges. Simple and delicious!

chicken corn chilli bake

This Mexican inspired chicken corn chilli bake has tender chicken and spicy vegetables together in one easy bake. So while its cooking you can do something a little more ‘social’. Margaritas anyone?

sage crumbed pork medallions with apple celery salad

Here’s a great dish that will save you going to the pub, sage crumbed pork medallions with apple celery salad. Pork medallions are also known as pork porterhouse or pork sirloin. Pork is also a cost effective meat, so not only will it feed the whole family, it’s kind to the hip pocket as well. Crispy pork and a fresh salad will tempt everyone.

lamb pesto with lemon zucchini salad

Light and nutritious, this easy and tasty lamb pesto with lemon zucchini salad has all the good stuff, and can be on your plate in 25 minutes.