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pork burger with fresh pineapple chilli chutney

The ham and pineapple pizza of burgers. Try this moist pork burger with fresh pineapple chilli chutney when you next fire up the barbecue. Give it a go and let us know what you think?

pork chilli pineapple stir-fry

Australian Pork and Australian pineapples are the best in the world. Combine the two and you have heaven on a plate, well close too it anyway. If you marinade the pork for this pork chilli pineapple stir-fry tonight, you can have it for dinner tomorrow just 15 minutes after you get home from work.

pork paprika oregano souvlaki

Want a tasty, light meal, look no further than these pork paprika oregano souvlaki. Tender Australian pork, smoky herb flavour and fast cooking time. Perfect all year round!

fennel honey glazed ham

There’s nothing like a special glazed ham to easily feed holiday hordes – this simple recipe for fennel honey glazed ham uses Ritchies delicious Masters of Meat ham made with premium Australian pork!

chilli jam pork skewers

If you like zingy, sweet and spicy Asian inspired flavours then our chilli jam pork skewers are just for you! Made with Australian pork and prepared in about 10 minutes, this delicious recipe is a must when you next fire up your BBQ.

chilli cheese dogs

These chilli cheese dogs are just what you need at your next barbecue. They’re great when friends come over or your watching your favourite sport on the big screen and they do go really well with your favourite ale.

chilli fennel pork belly

Pork belly is delicious anytime of the year, but our chilli fennel pork belly is a lighter spicy version and perfect for the BBQ season. Plus it’s one of the…

sesame pork meatball chilli soup with broccoli

Pork is one of the most affordable meats at the moment, and this sesame pork meatball chilli soup with broccoli makes a perfect family meal. It’s also a great source…

dukkah crusted pork fillet with honey glazed carrots

When you taste the flavour of this dukkah crusted pork fillet with honey glazed carrots, you’ll be hooked. With a crunchy middle eastern spice coating, and sweet honey glazed carrots, this will become your ‘go to’ dish that will certainly impress family and friends.

cheesy Italian meatloaf

Bold Italian flavours are some of the world’s favorites, and this easy cheesy Italian meatloaf  is a very economical way to feed the family with the added bonus that any…

honey mustard pork spare ribs

Slow cooked honey mustard pork spare ribs with a honey, mustard and balsamic vinegar marinade that will caramelise to a rich dark brown when they cook in the oven. Mmm… delicious!…